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Recommended Software Packages

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The following products are available as Freeware, shareware, or adware. All of them have superior performance and are recommended to our customers. (Click on the images below to visit the company's web site, or on the product name to visit the page for that product.)

Panda Software Online AntiVirus Scan

Panda has made available a few free tools. Additionally, their Antivirus, while not free, is highly recomended.

Panda ActiveScan - Free Online Virus Check

Opera Software Opera Web Browser.

Opera Web browser provides superior downloading combined with integrated popup suppression. While the software license requires you to allow adds to be displayed in the upper right-hand corner unless you actually purchase the software, these adds are small, discrete, and do not interfere with computer performance to a noticeable extent.

AVG 6.0 (anti virus)

We have not yet had much experience with this product, but it has come to us well recommended.

Zone Alarm (Fire wall)

Zone Alarm provides an excellent free firewall that can be configured to operate virtually invisibly and is very user friendly. We encourage you to try this product.

Ad-aware (Spyware Removal service.)

Spyware is any program that runs on your computer invisibly and collects information to send to someone else. Many spyware packages are only one step up from viruses in our opinion, and many of them are unreliable and have histories of causing windows systems to crash. Ad-aware will remove or disable most Spyware.

(Regrettably some programs contain licensees that require spyware to be running for you to use the software. Please be careful to comply with the terms of license of any software you wish to use. We do not, have not, and never will condone the use of software in violation of it's license agreements.)