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What is Cyantia.

The Gurps Cyantia Project (Word 97 format)

Gurps Lite

The Gurps Cyantia Project is a Gurps world book based on the Cyantia universe. When completed it should serve as a resource to allow Gurps players to convert their favorite characters into Gurps, and run them in a table top game set in the Cyantia universe.

Currently, The Gurps Cyantia Project requires The Gurps Rulebook, and Gurps Compendium 1 to play. (As well as Gurps Magic if you wish to play a technomage to their full potential, though it is not absolutely required.) One goal is to eventually produce a world book which can be used with just the material from Gurps Lite. However, this will only happen if we decide that it can be done without infringing Steve Jackson's copyright.

Cyantia, and all related works are copyright of Tiffany Ross.
Gurps is copyright Steve Jackson games.